”turns out i got lucky”

I had a really good friend of mine* who happened to start shooting weddings at the same time I did, when I got engaged it was just a quick text to hire him for our day, and the photos were fantastic! Turns out I got lucky, since getting married I’ve heard a lot of stories about how disappointed someone was with their wedding photos, or how difficult it was to find the right photographer.

But lets back up a minute, my name is Mark and I’m blessed to be married to my amazing wife Rachel and have two unbelievably cute kids Wavorly and Jameson. Hold on a second I’ll find a picture of them...

...SO CUTE! I’m so glad I get to be their dad.

Lets tie this all together, I’ve been shooting for awhile, I’m a nice guy, I love capturing details and unstaged moments, always learning, improving and growing. I’m not a great writer but I try.

If you think I sound like a great addition to your big day, click that button down there.

*Good friend is named Jake Preedin and he took that lovely picture up top.