They grow up so fast

Nifty Analog Family Sessions

I'm a dad who also happens to be a photographer. Looking back through my photos of our three beautiful kids, it's amazing how fast they grow and change.
I'm so grateful to have those photos of them from each stage of their life.

Previously I only did sessions for close friends.
But memories are important.
I'd like to share this with you. So you can look back on some beautiful photos of your family.

Limited dates are available. To be sure you'll love your photos, lets make sure we're a good fit.

Fill out the below application to get started

Tell me about your family and why you'd love a session.



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What is a family session like?

Very laid back, when booking your session we'll pick a beautiful park or forest preserve. Preferably one with long walking paths through nature.
Then you simply have a nice stroll with your family. I'll capture those moments of sweet interaction that inevitably happen when spending time with kids. And occasionally we'll stop at a pretty spot for a nice together shot.

What is included?

The session itself lasts up to an hour. But if the kids have had enough and I feel like we got some good stuff then we can stop early.
Or if the light is beautiful and everyone is having fun, then we may hang out a bit longer.
After the session, I'll edit them and upload them to your own gallery.
In the gallery, you can download images to post or print yourself.
You can also order prints that are fulfilled by a pro lab for high-quality professional prints that will last.
You can also share the link to your gallery with all your friends and family.