you can feel your heartbeat

in your feet

My wife and I got to our hotel on our wedding night, fell down on the bed together, and did nothing.

Not quite the romantic wedding night I hoped for. Why? Our feet hurt so bad we could feel every beat of our pulse, in our feet.

How can you avoid repeating our mistakes? Especially since wedding day shoes are chosen for the look, not the feel. Buy insoles, go on Amazon, stop by Target, wherever you can look, look for insoles to put in your shoes to give your feet just that extra bit of cushion and support.

For example: in my wedding shoes that I'll wear all day when capturing your wedding memories, I have a pair of WORK Insoles by Dr. S.

Not sure which ones to get? Or how thick they should be? My suggestion, buy every option that you think could work. Some may be too thick for your shoe to still fit, some may not feel as good as you hoped. Make the investment to figure out what works best for your shoes and your feet. Anything you don't use for the wedding, you can toss in other shoes you have that could use a little extra love.

And at the end of the wedding day, after you've had a beautiful day full of love, family, and friends. You can get to your room, and maybe, just maybe, you'll still have a bit of energy left for each other.