Having a stree free wedding

Have you ever had one of those days where you have just enough time to get ready for work? And then something comes up, and now you're late, stress levels through the roof, all the other drivers are idiots, and your day just starts on the wrong foot and never really recovers.

Now think about a day where you finished getting ready early. You were able to leave a little early, stop for a coffee, and while the other drivers were still all idiots you just smiled and hung back a bit to let them go along their merry way. You got to work on time and it was a good day.

Let's apply this to your wedding day. We already know a countless number of things are going to come up, people get delayed, the hair and makeup take longer than planned to get it all just right. A member of the wedding party will sleep in or get delayed helping grandma figure out how to take pictures on her phone.

Things happen.

Instead of getting stressed out and morphing into the infamous bridezilla. Simply wake up a couple of hours earlier, start your day with a good breakfast and some great coffee, and add some padding to each step of your timeline. And then keep this little fact a secret, let everyone else know it's important to stay on track with the written timeline you've given everyone. But let that stress and anxiety roll off your back because you know that for every issue that arises, other things won't take as long and it'll all balance out.

You'll have a beautiful day, and everyone will ask you how you managed it so well.